Bearings Export in Luoyang City Reached a New Level
After examined by Luoyang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau a set of ball and cylindrical compound slewing bearing with an OD of 4,476m was sent to Shanghai Port and wait for carrying to India. So far, this is the largest diameter bearing manufactured by private enterprises in Luoyang City, which indicate the manufacturing capacity and technical strengths of Luoyang private bearing enterprises have reached a new level.
Comparing to past two years, bearing export enterprises in Luoyang has increased over 20. Up to August 2007, enterprises had exported 238 batches (505950 sets) bearings worth of $4.792 million. The shipment and the total sum of exported bearings increased 88.9% and154.1% respectively, but the quantity decreased 63.4%.
 It is shows that the bearing enterprises focus on special sizes, high quality and high added-value bearings instead of common sizes, meager profit and low price in the past. Moreover, they have paid more attention to high quality and high-tech products to enhance the market competitiveness
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